The history of children’s tricycles can be traced back from the invention of baby carriage and tricycle where parents initially wished to be able to take their baby along while doing daily errands. As a baby gets older, at about 10 months old, he/she would be too heavy or big to be carried inside a stroller or baby carrier. This is the time when a baby tricycle will do well in helping parents and their baby to have a good time. If you wish to have best value tricycle that will be useful for your little ones until he/she is about two-years old, you should consider giving him/her a 3-in-1 Smart Trike Deluxe.

Designed and sold by Smart Trike, the tricycle is designed to suit the needs of 10 months-old baby up to 36-months old toddler. The award-winning Smart Trike Deluxe has superb, multi-function features including adjustable telescopic 5-position steering handle, pre-installed seat belt and safety bar, long back support and removable hood, bottle holder, functional storage bag and tipping bucket, to name a few. It also has a play phone to keep your little one busy, washable seat cover and different colors and double-injection rubber wheels for ultimate comfort and road safety.

Unlike conventional baby tricycle, the Smart Trike Deluxe can be configured in three different ways that suit your baby’s different growing phases. If you have a 10+month old baby, you can simply use the whole features. You can control your baby’s movements by steering the handle, and make sure that you put on the belt as some babies tend to move a lot. The second configuration meets the needs of baby, aged 15+months. You can uninstall the safety bar, sun hood and back support.

Parents can lower the handle so that the baby could pedal and steer their Smart Trike Deluxe (which will help them develop their motor skills), and raise it up to control the tricycle when it is time to go home. The final configuration enables parents to remove the parent push and steer handle so that the toddler will be able to pedal and steer the bike him/herself when he/she is already 24+months old. There are six color choices: pastel-pink with flowery patterns, red-and-black, orange-and-black, green-black-and-blue, pastel-pink-and-purple. As for value, the Right Start Best Toy Award winner gives fantastic value and durability for money.

Product Features:

– Road safety measurements are pre-installed seat belt and safety bar for keeping the baby securely seated, wrap-around seat, double-injection rubber wheels.
– Health safety features are long back support for utmost comfort, removable canopy to protect baby from warm sun rays and washable seat cover in various colors.
– Multi-purpose features are bottle/cup holder, quality storage bag, and multi-functional tipping bucket at the back.
– Control features: telescopic steering handle and parental-control push handle.
– Pre-installed, removable play phone to keep baby occupied.

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